Operation Song- “He Took My Place”

Veteran Gary Lima recently released “He Took My Place”, his personal lyrical diary of living with survivor’s guilt. Lima is a Marine Corps and Army veteran with a combined service of over 20 years between the too. He drew inspiration from an incident that occurred when deployed to the Cyprus Conflict in 1974.


Lima was deployed with a marine helicopter unit aiding in rescuing Americans trapped on the island. One particular flight, he was relieved for R&R while a much younger corporal took his position. Sadly, that flight crew never returned to base that day.


Gary sheds light on the guilt he felt for years to come. He struggled with symptoms of PTSD and found it hard to develop the motivation to live. Since, Lima has found purpose and new meaning working with the Operation Song program. He wishes to share his knowledge and experience with other veterans.


Lima wants to inspire veterans to ask themselves questions like, “Why carry a ton of guilt, when that’s not yours to carry? Why not live?”


A link to listen to “He Took My Place” on Youtube can be found here.

Here is an additional link to Operation Songs Soundcloud Page


Operation Song is a 501c non profit network of volunteers that pairs veterans with experts in songwriting and music production. Established in Nashville, the organization frequently releases music inspired by veterans. To date, Operation Song has released over 600 songs written by veterans of all generations and military backgrounds. Feel free to learn more about the organization with the link below.


You can learn more about the Operation Song Organization here!

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