This publication is solely to promote the musical talents of veterans across the United States. This is a motivational and informative page only for achievements and talents. There’s enough negativity in the media today…especially regarding veterans. In the main stream medias’ eyes…veterans are all PTSD driven obligations of the United States. The stories of the talented that have accomplished so much are often overshadowed by blanket statistics.

As a military musician myself, I have personally seen the talents of the men and women in uniform. In 2017, I originally thought about starting a non profit record label to work with musicians from the veteran community. After some research, I found people already pursuing similar ideas helping dozens of veteran musicians. I talked to Noah Trevor of 556 Records about the artists and veterans that he is currently working with. I realized that great things are already happening with musicians in the veteran community but no media attention to hear about it.

This blog is to highlight what music is doing in the veteran community. Thousands of veterans are using music to heal hidden wounds. Veterans all over the country are constantly trying to enter the music industry in places like Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles. Additionally, veterans are starting music businesses and non-profits to give back after exiting the military. It’s time to shed some light on the unrecognized talents of veterans across the United States.

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