Matt William’s “Rain Down Sunshine”

On April 26th, 2019 Matt Williams released his newest single “Rain Down Sunshine” and this is one you won’t be able to help but to jump up and start dancing to this upbeat country classic. This track is full of positive lyrics and a beat that immediately puts a smile on your face. Matt Williams pulls in some help from some of the greats on this track, which include Troy Lancaster (Guitar – Dustin Lynch, Big & Rich, Craig Morgan, Luke Bryan, and more) Wayne Killius (Drums – Colt Ford, Kenny Rogers, Luke Bryan, Toby Keith, and more) Lee Hendricks (Bass – Erich Church) and Robyn Robins (Producer- Original member of Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band). Get ready, because Spring is here and Rain Down Sunshine is about to become your new anthem!

Matt Williams is not your typical Country Artist and he has a background that separates him from most artists in the industry right now. Matt is an Army Veteran that served 8 ½ years in Iraq/Afghanistan. During Matt’s last tour, he was wounded by an IED, where he lost two of his best friends and was awarded a Purple Heart for his sustained injuries. Matt was also awarded an Army Commendation Medal of Valor and left the Army as an E/6 Staff Sergeant. Matt Williams truly is a unique and incredible individual who has accomplished a lot in his lifetime and he continues to expand his music career.

After returning from his third and final deployment in 2010, Matt Williams discovered another battle waiting for him here at home. PTSD and depression loomed very near to Matt, as he had been wounded – and two of his best friends were killed – by an IED attack during his last tour in Afghanistan. Things only seemed to intensify when Matt’s father passed just three weeks after he had returned home from the Army. Matt desperately sought an outlet where he could direct his emotion, and he turned back to his roots: MUSIC. 

“I began writing the story of my life in the form of songs that I hope other people can relate to in many different ways. I want to tell the world about my life to show that I’m not ashamed of who I am and that no one is perfect. Music, along with God, really can save the soul, and it can influence and impact people in ways that they cannot do for themselves. Music saved my life in more ways than one and I believe that it can help others as well.” – Matt Williams

Kris Kristofferson


The singer-songwriter is well known for his long acting and music career. He helped form country supergroup “The Highwaymen” that included Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. Additionally, Kristofferson was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2004. What many don’t know, is his military background before the acting and fame.


Kris grew up in a military family with his father in the Army Air Corps (later became the Air Force). He experienced the usual military family expectations of constantly moving around base communities. Later in life, Kris would attend Pomona College graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in literature. Walking in his father’s steps (except joining the regular Army instead) Kristofferson joined the military and soon became a helicopter pilot.


Somehow Kristofferson juggled his music ambitions while on active duty, eventually, he decided to leave the Army declining a teaching position at West Point. For the most part, his family outcasted him after this decision. Kris than traveled to Nashville and truly started his music career as mostly a songwriter. After recognition from Johnny Cash, he released his debut album “Me and Bobby McGee” Years later, Kristofferson would have his acting debut in “The Last Movie”.


Kristofferson was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 1985 and has received dozens of BMI (Broadcast Media Incorporated) awards. In 2011, Kristofferson was awarded the veteran of the year award at the American Veteran Awards (fellow veteran Willie Nelson presented the award). He released his most recent album, The Cedar Creek Sessions in June of 2016.

Travis Tritt applauds Gethen Jenkins

Last week, country legend Travis Tritt tweeted to fans about upcoming root country singer Gethen Jenkins. Jenkins is a veteran of the Marine Corps and released his debut album Where the Honkytonk Belongs last year. You can check out his SoFar performance “here”.

Check out what Travis had to say in the tweet pictured below

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 4.45.29 PM.png

Travis is known for having five songs reach #1 on the Country charts, in addition to winning 2 Grammy awards in the category of “Best Country Collaboration With Vocals”.

We are glad he took the time to acknowledge Jenkins, who is a truly talented singer and songwriter.

Matt Williams

Matt Williams is a remarkable musician and songwriter that has a passion for music that cannot be explained with words alone. Williams first started his journey as a musician at a very young age. His mother bought him a drum set at only 18 months old. His passion for percussion led him to become one of the top marching snare drummers in high school. Additionally, he spent his spare time learning piano by ear and learning to sing with his church choir. William credits his passion for music as the perfect emotional outlet to heal from the depression and PTSD that has affected him over the course of multiple deployments.

During Williams’ third and final deployment to Afghanistan, his unit was hit directly by an IED attack. Williams himself sustained injuries from the incident, and lost two close friends that day. Williams came home carrying the emotional burden of survivor’s guilt and depression. Williams credits music as his saving grace saying,

“Music saved my life in more ways than one and I believe that it can help others as well.”

Additionally, Williams chose to chronicle his life’s experiences through songwriting saying:

“I began writing the story of my life in the form of songs that I hope other people can relate to in many different ways. I want to tell the world about my life to show that I’m not ashamed of who I am and that no one is perfect”

Williams recently released his debut EP “Back to Me” on July 4th, 2018. Also, Williams boasts an incredible following of over 300,000 followers on his artist page on Facebook. Below is a recent cover of Jason Aldean’s Any Ol’ Barstool.