Oblivion Her Majesty Releases new Single “Hopeless Masterminds”

Dynamic Art-Rock band Oblivion Her Majesty recently released their title track off an upcoming debut album coming in 2019. The single, “Hopeless Masterminds” is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube.

The band has been busy over 2018. They performed at Southern California’s KAABOO Delmar Music Festival. Additionally, they have shared the stage with bands such as Smile Empty Soul, In the Presence of Wolves, EchoBlack, and Moonfalls.

Below is their youtube video for the title track “Hopeless Masterminds”


Veterans Day 2018

Later this week we will celebrate two events that will keep many dive bars across the nation packed till 2am. First, the most infamous military birthday, the Marine Corps Birthday falls on this saturday Nov. 10th. This birthday is easily the most celebrated of any entity of the Department of Defense….and probably the whole government. The origin story goes all the way back to Tun’s Tavern of Philadelphia in 1775 (unfortunately it is no longer there today).

The following day brings the centennial celebration of Armistice day, which later transitioned in the United States to Veterans Day. The origins of Armistice day are rooted in the final agreement between the Allies and the Axis powers in formal cease fire ending WW1. On November 11th, 1918, the cessation of combat began the celebration around the world as “the war to end all wars” formally concluded. This year, special celebrations are being prepared across Europe.

President Woodrow Wilson established the first Armistice day the following year in 1919. Years later, the day would come to include the idea of representing all veterans of the United States. Eventually, the day was given designation as a federal holiday, and hence we celebrate the day off annually.

Every year we are reminded to thank veterans for their service, and ceremonies that recognize veterans at public sporting events across the nation. Although all of these events and gratitude is greatly appreciated and honored, I have a little different of a perspective of honoring veterans day this year.

With the centennial celebration of the original armistice day, it is sad to say that most of events of WW1 are no longer memories. Sadly, because of time, the events of this major event in American and World history has transformed from a recollection to a reflection. Unfortunately, this is a fact that indefinitely can not be change. People witness or participate in events, people get older and pass…and their individual experience gets passed on through documentation. This is the current situation with WW1 and the armistice day that we will all commemorate this sunday.

As sad as that is, I mention this perspective for a reason…we have lost that connection with this event in history. Fortunately, we have veterans of WW2 that are living among us and can personally reflect on that experience. When I first moved to the neighborhood I lived in through middle school and high school, my neighbor across the street from me was a member of the merchant marines during WW2. He would tell me stories of the times they narrowly avoided german U-boat detection while crossing the Atlantic. Sadly, he passed a number of years ago and his wife was forced to move in with the little family they had left.

This veterans day, make sure to think about the few veterans that we have left from the “Greatest Generation”. If you have the ability, sit and talk with some of the veterans and non-veterans that lived through such a time of global turmoil. We are convinced that the world is a horrible place now, but nothing today even closely compares to the carnage seen globally from 1939-1945.

This veterans day, simply think of some of the veterans that we may not have for much longer. For once they are gone, American society can longer recollect of this time…but simply reflect on it.

Thank You

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Travis Tritt applauds Gethen Jenkins

Last week, country legend Travis Tritt tweeted to fans about upcoming root country singer Gethen Jenkins. Jenkins is a veteran of the Marine Corps and released his debut album Where the Honkytonk Belongs last year. You can check out his SoFar performance “here”.

Check out what Travis had to say in the tweet pictured below

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 4.45.29 PM.png

Travis is known for having five songs reach #1 on the Country charts, in addition to winning 2 Grammy awards in the category of “Best Country Collaboration With Vocals”.

We are glad he took the time to acknowledge Jenkins, who is a truly talented singer and songwriter.

SoundCloud Premier

SoundCloud recently announced they will be roll out a monetization option for indie artists. The platform will allow creators to use the new program SoundCloud Premier to monetize from uploaded content. To qualify user must be a paying subscriber of SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited. Additionally, the content must have had at least 5,000 streams in the past 30 days.

They have not announced the amount of revenue-per-stream that they will pay, but they have stated “competitive rates and faster payouts” will be offered.


SoundCould traditionally has been the audio sharing platform of remixes and audio sampled material. Artists that have copyright “strikes”, will not be eligible for the new service. This may change the dynamic of SoundCloud’s original userbase.

The move mirrors Spotify’s recent initiative to allow independent artists distribution to the streaming service directly. Till now, creators had to use a third-party distribution services in order to list music on Spotify and Apple Music. SoundCloud was different, as users could always directly upload their audio files since inception.


Many artists credit their success to the platform, Post Malone’s debut single “White Iverson” went viral on the platform. Mystery DJ Marshmello went from releasing remixes on SoundCloud in 2015, to becoming the 9th most listened to artist on Spotify this year.

It will be interesting to see if monetization changes the dynamics o creators on the platform.

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Disturbed Announces USO Tour

American rock band Disturbed announced they will embark on a mini USO tour to perform for troops and their families. They will first perform at Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs on October 23rd. Their second performance is at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas the following night October 24th. These two shows are merely days after the new album Evolution drops on October 19th. The band has already released the single “Are You Ready”, which just hit #1 on rock radio…the 12th time in their music careers.


The USO is extremely excited about the partnership as Mari Villalobos, the director of entertainment relationships said…”We hope this will be the first of many partnerships with them and other Warner Bros. Records artists as we continue to keep service members connected to family, home and country.”


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