Altissimo! Recordings

The Veteran Sound Project would like to thank our sponsor Altissimo Recordings for their continued support of the publication! Altissimo offers the public the opportunity to access a vast collection of classical military recordings.

Altissimo Recordings distributes catalogs of recordings from the premier military ensembles. These include the work of United States military bands, orchestras, ensembles, and choruses. Altissimo carries records in most military exchanges…as well as Barnes and Noble,, CDNow, Walt Disney World Gift Shop, The White House Gift Shop, and the military academies.

Check out Altissimo’s recent release from the U.S. Army Chorus “Songs of the Soldier”

In 2011, The Naxos Music Group acquired Altissimo, enabling the label to become an even larger player in the world of military music. Altissimo’s products can also be found in the music catalogs of Time-Life, heartland, Wireless, America!, Sound Review, Classics, Musical Heritage, Life Dance, Great Music, Serendipity Recordings, Musical Treasurers and more. Additionally, the label licenses military music band recordings for use in media productions, even providing consultation to ensure the best fit for your project.

Providing popular recordings from famous composers such as John Williams and John Phillip Sousa. The Veteran Sound Project encourages readers to explore the Altissimo website here.

Altissimo Recordings is the premier distributor of the U.S. military band’s discography

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