Army Veteran Brings “Balloon Chain” Back to Coachella

Retired NYPD officer Robert Bose brings his special Balloon Chain project back to Coachella for another year. Rob has taken his art project to festivals across the world such as Burning Man, Burning Man Africa, Governor’s Ball, and many more.

Rob currently serves in the New Jersey National Guard’s 63rd Army Band after some time as an active duty musician.

His arching chain of balloons originated as an abstract idea to stay in contact with one another at Burning Man. At a time before cell phones were popular (and service scarce), Rob hatched the idea to connect a line of helium balloons on two bicycles to know each other’s location. Since the idea has developed into a highly demanded visual demonstration for large festivals and prestigious private events.

Rob loves to see the interaction that festival attendees have with his work. Over a three day weekend, hundreds of people constantly ask to hold the balloons and take pictures for social media. Additionally, the balloon chain has become a staple marketing image for festivals such as Governor’s Ball.


Governors Ball’s promotional Lineup poster for 2018 highlighted Rob Bose’s Balloon Chain over the iconic multi-colored festival sign.

Just entering retirement this past year, Rob plans to reach more people by bringing his project to more festivals than ever before.

Keep up to date on where the Balloon Chain is going next with Instagram

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  1. Lovely blog, glad to find a military music blog. Please keep me updated all SA songs



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