Veteran Maynard James Keenan Announces New Tool Album Finished Recording

The progressive metal band Tool has announced recording for their long-awaited album is finished. Keenan made the statement last week assuring fans that “Pleistocene” will be released this year. The album has been overdue for two years since Keenan first announced the name and tracklist in 2017.


Tool’s last album “10,000 Days” was released in 2006, so Tool has not released new music in 13 years. The length of time is odd for the band that produced a number of albums from the 1990s into the early 2000s.


Specifically, Keenan twitted that vocals had been tracked months ago, and they are in the long process of mixing the album. In public appearances, such as the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards, Keenan has constantly assured: “new music is coming next year”.


Tool is hitting the road in 2019 for a string of festival performances across the United States. In June, they embark on their 14 show European tour.

Find all of Tool’s tour dates and show locations here


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