The Traveling Military Music Festival: Basefest

For the second summer in a row, USAA hosted the first and only traveling music festival that is hosted on military bases across the United States. Basefest, was held at three different bases already, with one more show at the infamous 29 Palms Marine Corps base in California.

The Brainchild for Basefest, Sean Gilfillan, has doubled the number of festivals this season since its introduction last year. The festivals have been received very well by the military community and the numbers attest. Each festival brings over 20,000 attendants, and the list of national branded sponsors keeps growing. This year, sponsors of the festival series include Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum, Monster Energy, Harley Davidson, and ticket verification service BIGSTIXR. For the long term, Sean wants to have Basefest host festivals at over 20 military bases annually by the year 2025. This year Fort Bliss, Naval Station Mayport, Camp Lejune, and 29 Palms were the lucky four. Every festival offered a different lineup, including some big name artists from across music genres. Punk rock band The Offspring is set to headline the upcoming festival on September 22nd.

Although marketed as a music festival, Basefest offers many other forms of entertainment for service members and their families. Festival sponsors bring in video game mobile services, food vendors, and art demonstrations. Each service member can get four tickets to a festival once verified through BIGSTIXR’s network. Additionally, tickets are available to purchase for civilians as the festival is open to the public.

For more information about Basefest, visit their website here.

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