“Back To Me” EP Review

Army veteran Matt Williams recently released his debut EP “Back to Me” on July 4th. The EP has performed very well since its release. His EP climbed to the #8 on the Country iTunes Charts. With the assistance of Grammy Award Winning producer Chuck Butler, and contributing songwriting expertise of country star Dustin Lynch, Williams delivered 6 tracks with an authentic country sound.

The EP chronicles the challenges in Williams’ personal life, while also including some fun and lighthearted content. Dustin Lynch helped co-write “Lookin’ So Good” an easygoing track that has more of a modern country sound.

“Here’s to You” is an ode to the working man. Williams and Jason Street wrote the song to honor the everyday middle class hero. This song is for those that put the 40 hours in during the week, and then enjoy a few cold ones over the weekend.

The title track of the EP “Back to Me” delivers a slower song that depicts a man’s turmoil with an emotionally distant significant other. The songs “I’d Give a Lifetime” and “Six Feet Under” both have a special meaning for Williams. Especially “Six Feet Under”, which was recorded live for the EP. The last song on the EP is “Country Bar Song” and I will let readers check that one out for themselves.

Overall, I am excited for Williams’ music career after the release of such an amazing debut EP. We will keep an eye on Matt to follow up with touring and more information for future releases.

Author: Smaxten

I am a student at Temple University and an army musician in the New Jersey National Guard's 63rd Army Band.

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