The J.O.B fundraising for album “Highway of Shadows”

The band known as The J.O.B, is in the process of fundraising for their next studio album titled “Highway of Shadows”. The band was created by Jim O’Ferrell and Jason Crawford. Jim, a veteran of the Iraq war, wrote music in his free time between missions while overseas. Upon returning to the United States in 2008, the two men started the indie rock band as an outlet for Jim’s musical writings. The band has released five albums to date, and have confidence that “Highway of Shadows” will bring a unique sound to fans of the genre.

The band was quoted as saying:

The J.O.B. is ready to take our music on tour to the world and that journey starts with your confidence and benevolence. We need our friends and fans to invest in this ambitious trek. The music business is a business after all, and it does require surprisingly robust chunks of money.”

The band is closing in on it’s fundraising goal with over 80% already pledged by donors. The band is rewarding those who have donated with pre-ordered signed copies of the album and various other types of band merchandise. A link to their campaign can be found here.



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