Warfighter Hemp Discount

Warfighter Hemp offers a military discount of 25% to all verified veterans seeking hemp based products. The company states that,

“Warfighter Organic Hemp Extracts are full spectrum extracts that contain a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. The most prevalent cannabinoid in Warfighter Hemp products is cannabidiol or CBD.”

Additionally Warfighter Hemp donates 50% of all their profits to veteran based non profits. These charities can include the Independence Corps, Spartan Alliance, Villagers for Veterans, and the Aleethia Foundation.

Check out their website here.

The J.O.B fundraising for album “Highway of Shadows”

The band known as The J.O.B, is in the process of fundraising for their next studio album titled “Highway of Shadows”. The band was created by Jim O’Ferrell and Jason Crawford. Jim, a veteran of the Iraq war, wrote music in his free time between missions while overseas. Upon returning to the United States in 2008, the two men started the indie rock band as an outlet for Jim’s musical writings. The band has released five albums to date, and have confidence that “Highway of Shadows” will bring a unique sound to fans of the genre.

The band was quoted as saying:

The J.O.B. is ready to take our music on tour to the world and that journey starts with your confidence and benevolence. We need our friends and fans to invest in this ambitious trek. The music business is a business after all, and it does require surprisingly robust chunks of money.”

The band is closing in on it’s fundraising goal with over 80% already pledged by donors. The band is rewarding those who have donated with pre-ordered signed copies of the album and various other types of band merchandise. A link to their campaign can be found here.



Opinion: Are Music Festivals Coachellizing?

This past weekend I had the amazing experience of attending Governor’s Ball in NYC. The festival was amazing and I am ecstatic when I had the chance to meet The Struts in person. I got to talk to lead singer Luke Spiller for awhile about touring in the United States and the band’s new album planned for the fall. Sunday night, I was able to hang around and see the closer for the weekend…Eminem.

Eminem’s performance was dope, but seeing him up on stage reminded me that I had seen his name a lot recently…on the lineups for so many other festivals. Eminem is headlining at Firefly, Bonnaroo, and already played at Gov Ball and Coachella this year. How often have festivals repeated a same headliner in the same year? Last year was the only year that I really paid attention to who was playing where before now…Last year I noticed that Chance the Rapper headlined both Gov Ball and Firefly. As more festivals pop up through the summer season, are existing ones giving up their niche to stay relevant?

Many skeptics point at Bonnaroo as the prime example of a festival that lost it’s identity. Bonnaroo was known only a few years ago to be the experimental rock and indie modern “Woodstock” festival. The festival had attributes of liberally timed sets and    Now, Bonnaroo barely schedules any indie rock artists to fill the day-time sets like previous years. Additionally, the headliner “rock” bands are The Killers and Muse. The Killers are playing at Firefly two weeks later. Once again another headliner repeat seen in the same year.

Both MGMT and Odesza performed at Coachella this year, and they are both on the lineup for Firefly this month. Sylvan Esso just performed at Gov Ball this past weekend, and is one of the top names on Bonnaroo’s lineup for this weekend. The repetition of these names through the major festivals assures the similar experience to be had attending each. I guess this part is up to debate regarding whether seeing Sylvan Esso at Bonnaroo and Gov Ball will provide the exact same experience. Both have different crowds, Gov Ball certainly a much younger one than Bonnaroo. Still, I am coining this repetitive lineup term of  “Coachellizing festivals”. I would not say it is a bad thing…although there are obvious drawbacks to it. The other question is whether the drive for this repetition is from the festivals begging the artists, or the Big Three telling the festivals how it’s gonna be. Either way, it will be interesting to see if the Coachelizing continues and every major festival eventually turns into “Coachella Tour”…RIP Warped Tour.

Governor’s Ball Wrap-up

Randall Island’s Governor’s Ball wrapped up last night with Eminem closing out the three day weekend. Ultimately, the weather held out saturday and sunday as earlier predictions expected potential thunderstorms. The crowds saw some rain for Travis Scott’s closing set on saturday night, and also in the last few minutes of Eminem’s set.

Robert Bose’s Balloon Art demonstration was brought back again this year as a fan favorite of the festival. Patrons interacted with the giant balloon chains extending from the Bacardi stage to the main stage. Bose’s balloon art project travels to different festivals around the world creating balloon arches over festivals like Coachella and Burning Man.

Scott Rogowsky of the popular trivia app HQ also made a surprise appearance on saturday. Scott ventured through the festival before conducting the daily 3pm show.

Overall, the weather held out, and New York City experienced an amazing weekend at one of the best music festivals in the United States.