3 Doors Down @ Army Bases

Band 3 Doors Down and Collective Soul will be touring Army bases on their Rock & Roll Express Tour. 3 Doors Down has supported the U.S. military for decades with multiple USO tours and references in multiple songs. An example is 3 Doors Down’s song Citizen Soldier, which reflects the struggle that the part-time warrior or historical “minuteman” had to endure in order to protect our values and freedom. 

The band will play three base shows in a row starting at Fort Benning on June 23rd. The tour stops at Fort Polk on June 30th and the military concerts conclude at Fort Stewart on July 4th. After these shows the tour stops in Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Boca Raton respectively.  The tour picks up with over 12 stops across the country. Most VIP tickets are gone for these shows, but overall general admission is still available for the military three. Individuals can visit the following link to find tickets for these shows and more.

Find Tickets for the Rock & Roll Tour with Soul Asylum 


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