“No Rules In Sight” Release

Sailor Jerri finally released her anticipated debut album “No Rules In Sight” on April 13th. The single “Strong” was released last year. Her new album has a healthy mix of up tempo contemporary country music and slower ballads. Jerri, a navy veteran herself, included a couple songs highlighting military service. The first song off the album, “I’m going anyway” is about hearing the call to protect our country and the our families back home. The song “22” details the potential story of a veteran’s suicide. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is estimated to occur 22 times a day in the veteran community. She includes a short audio clip advocating for those that need help to reach out. The album contains the slower melodic duo “I Got You” describing a picturesque relationship. Additionally, Jerri describes some signature drinking experiences for liquors in “Nights I’ll Never Remember”. The album debuted in the top #20 on the new discovery country artists on iTunes. People can buy autographed copies of her album at her website here.

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