Mike Lombardo and Oblivion Her Majesty


Mike Lombardo is currently a national guardsman and student at Rowan University in southern New Jersey. Lombardo is the drummer for the the progressive rock band “Oblivion Her Majesty” in Philadelphia. The band is an experimentation of “progressive/alternative rock with a futuristic, electronic edge” which they label in their upcoming album “space rock”. They record solely at Philly’s legendary Milkboy studio and played at the affiliate venue recently. The band performs throughout the region and has an EP release show at World Café Live later this month. Oblivion also has an anticipated festival performance later this year (more details to be released). They plan to release singles throughout the year and release their debut album in early 2019.

Lombardo is finishing his undergrad in marketing and already looking at pursing an MBA in Finance from Rowan. Outside of the music ambitions, Mike has been working hard on producing the cold brew ice tea “Topos Teas”. The high quality low sugar craft tea originated as a college project. Their professor was impressed and pleaded the group push forward with creating the product. Mike has plans to bring the product within FDA standards immediately, and the tea should be on regional store shelves within the year.

Mike’s musical influences include the bands Chon, Animals as Leaders, and Muse. His favorite drummers are Nathan Camarana and Matt Garstka. Although, he appreciates the showmanship of Twenty One Pilot’s Josh Dun. Mike plans to continue serving with the 63rd Army Band through college but does not plan on making a career with the military…he’s going to be very busy pushing his music ambitions and Topos Teas primarily.

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