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Can the Philanthropic initiative “Show Your Stripes” Survive I Heart Media’s Dark Days?

                  In 2013, I Heart Media proposed an initiative of using their radio, digital, and out-of-house (Public Service Announcements) resources to advocate the hiring of veterans to companies across the United States. They brought a number of famous musicians and celebrities including Elton John, John Legend, Kelly […]
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Sailor Jerri’s “Hallelujah” cover gains over 100 million views

In April of 2017, Navy Veteran Sailor Jerri released a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. She revised the lyrics from the original to pay tribute to military personnel currently deployed all around the world. Additionally, she used pictures for the video that fellow service members submitted. Her cover quickly went viral and gained over a […]
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Oblivion Her Majesty @ KAABOO Festival

The lineup for Del Mar, California’s KAABOO Festival was released March 22nd.

Glenn Miller at a Glance

Glenn Miller   Glenn Miller was an American big band leader, trombone player, and veteran. He was born in Clarinda, Iowa on March 1st, 1904. After early childhood the family moved to a small farm in Missouri. Miller used the money he saved up working on the farm to buy his first trombone around age […]
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Mike Lombardo and Oblivion Her Majesty

  Mike Lombardo is currently a national guardsman and student at Rowan University in southern New Jersey. Lombardo is the drummer for the the progressive rock band “Oblivion Her Majesty” in Philadelphia. The band is an experimentation of “progressive/alternative rock with a futuristic, electronic edge” which they label in their upcoming album “space rock”. They record solely […]
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Marine on a Mission

Former Marine John Preston has made it a mission to bring awareness to the alarming veteran suicide rate. He promises let mainstream media suppress his message to vets nationwide. After struggles with alcoholism and his brother unfortunately taking his own life, Preston has put his focus in the music industry to achieve his goal. Preston […]
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