Veteran Music Company

U.S. Army Veteran Tim Walker owns and operates the Veteran Music Company, a company dedicated to building quality guitar and bass amplifiers. After years of experience working with local company Vintage47 and Premier Builder Gilds, Tim noticed a niche market for smaller cost effective amplifiers. Tim says, “people could not afford the three to four thousand dollar larger amplifiers Premier was making”. He realized he could produce smaller cost effective amplifiers that were affordable and showcased guitarists’ pedalboards.

Tim created The Veteran Music Company in 2014, starting only with repairs of guitars and basses. Since, Tim has sold dozens of amps to cliental ranging across the country. He even had the European band “Triggerfoot” purchase a speaker while on tour. Surprisingly, he only markets through Facebook, but his reputation has kept the company especially busy the last two years. He takes pride in building amps that are both long lasting and have quality tone.
13339467_816006805199549_8143773947397241972_n Tim served in the U.S. Army as a Heavy Wheel Mechanic in the 1990s, and was stationed in Washington, Oklahoma, and Germany. After an unfortunate medical accident while working, he was forced to accept an honorable discharge. Tim was devastated as he originally planned for a career 20 years or more active duty. Even now, Tim describes his Army time as, “the proudest thing I’ve ever done, besides starting Veteran Music Company”.

Tim plans to keep Veteran Music Company a small business and has no intentions of expanding quickly. He believes the success in this industry revolves around creating a quality product and selling it for an affordable price. Although currently in a hiatus for family reasons, Tim expects to continue full-time with Veteran Music Company this summer.


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