Remembering Dash|Ten

As the Van’s Warped Tour enters its final year, fans are looking back on the tour’s 23 year history. A notable event for veteran music was the success of the active duty band Dash|Ten. In 2016, the band Dash|Ten made their Warped Tour debut. Three active duty Army soldiers participated in the first leg of the summer shows. The band initially gained attention in 2012 as the army struck a deal with the group to become full-time army punk rockers. The band abruptly left halfway through the tour under mysterious circumstances. Lead singer Corrin Campbell told Rara’s Farm, “We’re broken up about it, and hoping it’s something that can be remedied. Kevin has been super supportive of us and let us know that we’re welcome to come back if and when the army works it all out.”

The band’s only album was released ahead of the 2016 warped tour, and the band  quickly gained a following on Spotify. Unfortunately, lead singer and bassist Corrin Campbell left the Army in early 2017 and Dash|Ten disbanded. Since, Campbell has recently started a new project PRYM and has become a student at Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. PRYM has has released two EPs in the past year but has yet to perform a live show.

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